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better than you

we're better than everyone

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1* yes, you got it right. this is another one of those rating communities. if you can't handle it, leave now!!

2* i have the final say in whether or not you stay. this is incase people vote someone in who hit a bad nerve with me. but i'm not going to over extend this power. there's a 99.99999999% chance that you'll get to stay if everyone votes you in.

3* absolutely no one, but me and future mods are allowed to post stamps. this includes personal icons that are used for responses. this will not be tolerated at all! use text only to express your opinion.

4* if you have a complaint about something or someone in the community, contact me outside of the community. do not post an entry into the community complaining.

5* no text only entries. there's no use for them in this community, so keep them out of here.

6* do not comment unless you have been stamped. this includes even commenting and saying you're not stamped, but wanted to say something. you're not stamped, you get no say. so shut up. it's just too much to go through.

7* gore and nudity is not allowed here. this is an all ages community. i'm not taking chances with kiddies seeing naked people. or someone seeing someone all bloody and cut up. this is not the place for it.

8* place photos larger than 400x400 behind an lj cut, as well as additional photos. i do not care how small or big your pictures are, but if you have ore than one, only one is allowed to not be behind the lj cut.

9* in you first post, to prove that you have read the rules, you must put "i'm a cheap whore" somewhere in your post. if you don't like it. too bad.

10* i decided to change this rule. if you break rule 9 you are automatically banned, meaning no trying for the community again. nothing. you're out of here. i'm not going to tolerate people not reading the rules. as for the other rules you get one chance and one chance only. break a rules again and you're out of here. no warning.

11* if you do not post to be accepted shortly after you join you will be removed and banned.




*for now there are no other mods. but hopefully i'll find at least a few people i like in this community, to help me run it.

*i plan on having a website for the community as well. that way people can easily figure out if they're accepted, if they've been warned, if they've been kicked out, etc. you get the point.

*after two weeks you can email a mod to see if you can post again, to be rated again. you must have different pictures, or at least a couple of different pictures mixed with other ones.