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better than you

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New [27 May 2004|05:40pm]

I'm a cheap whore.

Yada, Yada. The name's Arianna and I'm 15.4 years old.Collapse )
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Yeah, I'm new [27 May 2004|02:11pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I couldn't tell you why I've decided to join about five of these today.

In need of attention, I suppose.

Into the flood again.Collapse )

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moderator speaking [05 Dec 2003|03:15pm]

omg. that's all i have to say. i completely ditched the community. i suck at life. i'm so sorry. but you would not believe the shit that has been going on in the past few months. my life has been so hectic. i know i originally said someone could take the community over, but nothing ever really happened. and i just kind of forgot and got distracted with the shit that's been going on. but, i promise i will try to do much better and i'm coming back. as for the community having a constantly updated site, i'm not going to be able to handle that. if anyone wants to become co-mod and take full responsibility for the website, just email me at pixiegonedigital@yahoo.com and tell me why.

ashley leigh
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[09 Oct 2003|10:23pm]

I feel like taking pictures... and i got a haircut.. its only noticeable in one picture.. sorry for being lame.

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Stamped! [08 Oct 2003|09:55pm]

Im Just A Teenage Dirtbag BabyCollapse )
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i'm a cheap whore, you can get two of me for a dolla! *Fixed* [06 Oct 2003|12:43am]

So I happened upon this community through someone else who posted in one of my communities. Feel free to build my ego up, or shred me, either why I get a kick out of it.

Click here for the cheap whore in action!Collapse )
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Stamped. [05 Oct 2003|01:45am]

Hmm it HAS been pretty slow around here... and I havnt posted in a while so heres some[5] recent pictures :

Such a foolCollapse )
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[02 Oct 2003|03:00pm]

no one ever posts in this thing anymore... so i'm going to ruin all of your days!
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stampity stamp stamp stamped :D! [08 Sep 2003|07:46pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

so yeah... i haven't posted in a while..

so uh... here you go.

i'm gonna scream your name til you come backCollapse )

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How About Me? [04 Sep 2003|10:25pm]

My friend joined this community awhile ago and got rejected, so I thought I would give it a shot.

How About MeCollapse )
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[26 Aug 2003|11:00pm]

I'm bored... so i took pics yo.

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[26 Aug 2003|02:57pm]

hm... more killdozer
Read more...Collapse )
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[22 Aug 2003|02:34pm]

I'm bored... so i'll post a few pics? yea.. good thing i'm stamped.. so you guys can't change your minds.

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IM STAMPED DONT HATE. [20 Aug 2003|03:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

wo0 I got my hair cut today and I think it looks pretty good ;x

Ive never had it cut this short before. Lemme know what you all think

click for picCollapse )

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[20 Aug 2003|10:33am]

[ mood | bored ]

ziggystarr removed his or herself and i just removed starlightsail for not posting at all in the community.


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new rule... to be banned? [19 Aug 2003|10:32am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

got a new rule. due to two members of this community i created it. so go check out rule 11 in the user info. starlightsail and ziggystarr will be removed from the community and banned if they do not post within 24 hours. and i will check on this. i'm going to have members who never even post in the community to be accepted. it's pointless to be a member of this community and not participate.


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new [17 Aug 2003|01:08pm]

Lena/16/Los Angeles
Those are the basics, anything else, just ask :) Hope I get in!

Kiss me, Diss meCollapse )
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Brittany 15/AZ [17 Aug 2003|10:27am]


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new. [15 Aug 2003|06:42pm]

click it.. or ticket.Collapse )
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[16 Aug 2003|12:14am]

[ mood | blah ]

I was bored so I join this other community, and then fading_kisses told me about this
and since I was still bored I figured why not im a cheap whore.

the pictures Collapse )

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